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Metsovo is a town in Epirus on the mountains of Pindus in northern Greece, between Ioannina to the north and Meteora to the south. The largest centre of Vlach life in Greece, Metsovo is bypassed by GR-6 (Ioannina - Trikala) and also by Egnatia Odos Motorway.From medieval times till well into the 19th century, Metsovo is referred to in the various sources with the word Metzovo. From the end of the 18th
Krania is one of the Vlach villages of Grevena. Perched on the slopes of the mountain range of Pindos, between crystal clear streams and rivers, dense forests of pine, fir, beech trees and bushes, a truly magnificent landscape is located Krania. The alpine landscape of the region is distinguished by its beautiful natural environment and rich flora and fauna.Each visitor can see and enjoy the natural
Milia is a mountainous village in the prefecture of Ioannina. Located east of the prefecture, close to Metsovo. It is built at an altitude of 1,160 meters on the slopes of the northern Pindos and is one of the mountainous villages of Epirus. Milia was a separate community until the Kallikratis project that joined it to the Municipality of Metsovo. Its population according to the 2011 census is 396

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    Vasilitsa Ski Center

    Set in an enchanting environment in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Grevena, within 42 km. From the capital of the prefecture, in the heart of the immortal Pindos is the National Ski Center Vassilitsa.

    Set in an enchanting environment in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Grevena, within 42 km. From the capital of the prefecture, in the heart of the immortal Pindos is the National Ski Center Vassilitsa.

    The nature of the Pindos remains unchanged over time, the same dark green color of conifers, the same chiliochromi beech, oak itself immortal, the only difference being that those first seasons, they marched forest creatures that no longer exist as the mammoth discovered in our county and the coexistence inspired signal E.Ch.K.Vasilitsas skier at mammoth tusks.

    This greatness of Pindos urged early 1975 a group of romantic people, to create the Ski Mountaineering Association to implement then a utopia. SKI CENTRE IN VASILITSA. And they did it by pushing the central government to finance the first lifts the saddle Vassilitsa - Gomara length 1060 m. Altitude at 1788-2060 m. (Altitude. Chg. 272 m.).

    The lift that carries 800 skiers per hour and works today. Installation and construction of a model because the track has received little intervention as the quantity and quality of snow is excellent. In the following years the idea of tourism development in the Department. Grevena main pole ski Vassilitsa becoming more fans who speak flattering for the possibilities of Vassilitsa, defying the discomfort go to reach the (dirt, Lift with amateur pilots, inaccessible slopes, heavy snowfall exceeding 2 meters, few buildings. Vasilitsa but still fascinates and attracts more and more visitors from many parts of Greece.

    In 1991 Alpine Skiing Association grants the General Secretariat of Sports infrastructure created, ie. Sliding the lift, the chionostrotira and chalets, to set up a Public Entity, with a seven-member governing body committee office two years and named National Ski Vassilitsa center.
    In 1993, joining the 1st public. Framework funding made ​​by the Local Union in place Liosoro Galani two aerial lifts, one seater length 991.40 m. elevation at 1642.5 to 1825.26 (altitude. Chg. 182.76 m.) capacity 1800 skiers per hour, a two seater length 845.60 m . altitude in 1797 - 2110 (altitude. Chg. 313 m.) capacity of 1800 skiers per hour, and a beginner's lift 300 m. lengths.

    The efforts of the government and the prefecture of Grevena continued and in 1998 adopted the study of the environmental conditions of the ski center and granted 460,238 acres. Ministry of Agriculture in G.G.Athlitismou breakthrough that solves the problems of planning and studies for construction necessary infrastructure and buildings that are beginning to protect this amazing environment from arbitrary and uncontrolled construction.

    In 2000 the second integrated together. Chassis made ​​from Grevena Prefecture 2 lifts and a place for beginners to Balntouma. Lifts are the first named Migdanis length of 800 m. Altitude at 1810-2034 m., And the second with the name Timfea length of 980 meters. at an altitude of 1774 - 2040 give new perspectives and opportunities to ski, raising the capacity and ranking the first in Northern Greece. All ski lifts serving various difficulties and slip total length 22 Km, which have not received external interventions have retained its natural beauty and are a great advantage Vassilitsa.

    Two ski center designated by the FIS Olympic specifications, track Jupiter (the lift) length: 1000 m. - 289 m altitude difference. (1814 -2103) GS - SL and track Timfea a) length: 760 m. Altitude difference 254 m. (1780 -2034) and b) of length 950 m. altitude difference 290 m. (1744 -2034).

    The E.Ch.K.Vasilitsas currently operates with full authorization of the electrical and building installation. Which makes the E.Ch.K.Vasilitsas the first in Greece to environmental permits and authorization.

    A big problem is still the operation at the end of the passage of N.3057 / 24.9.2002 "amending and supplementing N.2725 / 99 setting the Ministry of Culture and other provisions" which became the foundation of the Agency administration and operation of E.CH.K.V .. Thus the body function and command center will solve the chronic problems of the temporary staff who tirelessly offered his services longer than a decade. Also the inclusion in funding the construction of a ski chalet host and the car park at the base of the three-seater chair, a total value of 3.5 million euros, will raise the quality of services and customer ratings.

    The Vassilitsa invited to play a pioneering role in winter tourism and widely throughout the year with a variety of actions and interventions and are ready for this role. Plans and visions do not stop. It has the capability and will be able to surpass itself in all development programs, why is a major growth driver of Law. Grevena and all of Northern Pindos and the effort was supported and accompanied by the struggles and aspirations of all Grevenioton, surnames and anonymous.

    Finally we must thank all the authorities and members of the Ski Mountaineering Club of Grevena and the members of each governing body E.Ch.K.Vasilitsas, providing important in the development of the ski resort.